#1 Song January 11 2008

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#1 Song January 11 2008

The Billboard Hot 100 Chart on January 11, 2008

On January 11, 2008, the Billboard Hot 100 chart was topped by a song that would become a classic of the late 2000s. The #1 song on January 11, 2008 was...

"Low" by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain

"Low" was a hip-hop anthem that combined Flo Rida's energetic flow with T-Pain's signature auto-tune vocals. The song was a massive commercial success, staying at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 10 consecutive weeks.

The Song's Origins

"Low" was written by Flo Rida, T-Pain, and other songwriters, and was produced by DJ Montay. The song was released in October 2007 as the lead single from Flo Rida's debut album, Mail on Sunday.

The Song's Impact

"Low" was a game-changer for both Flo Rida and T-Pain. The song's success propelled Flo Rida to international stardom, and T-Pain's feature verse helped to further establish him as a go-to collaborator.

The Song's Legacy

"Low" has become an iconic song of the late 2000s, with its catchy hook and memorable beat still widely recognized today. The song's influence can be heard in many subsequent hip-hop and pop tracks, and it remains a beloved classic of the era.

So, there you have it! "Low" by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain was the #1 song on January 11, 2008.

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