#1 Song July 28 2005

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#1 Song July 28 2005

The Hits of the Past: #1 Song on July 28, 2005

As we take a trip down memory lane, let's revisit the musical landscape of the summer of 2005. On July 28, 2005, the airwaves were dominated by a chart-topping hit that captured the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

The #1 Song: "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani's catchy and upbeat single "Hollaback Girl" was the undisputed champion of the Billboard Hot 100 chart on July 28, 2005. This infectious tune, featuring Stefani's signature vocals and a sing-along chorus, became a cultural phenomenon and a staple of the early 2000s.

About the Song

"Hollaback Girl" was the third single from Gwen Stefani's debut solo album, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." The song's success can be attributed to its innovative blend of new wave, hip-hop, and pop elements, making it a standout hit of the summer.

The Music Video

The music video, directed by Paul Hunter, features Stefani and her Harajuku Girls performing the choreographed routines that have become an iconic part of the song's legacy.

Legacy of "Hollaback Girl"

"Hollaback Girl" spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, earning a platinum certification from the RIAA. The song's enduring popularity has made it a modern classic, often featured in films, TV shows, and commercials.


Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" remains an unforgettable anthem of the 2000s. Its catchy melody, addictive beat, and memorable music video have solidified its place in the pantheon of pop culture. As we look back on July 28, 2005, we remember the song that defined the summer of '05.

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