#1 Song June 12 2004

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#1 Song June 12 2004

The #1 Song on June 12, 2004

On June 12, 2004, the music world was grooving to the rhythm of a particular song that topped the charts. According to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the #1 song on that day was...

"Burn" by Usher

Burn, a song from Usher's album Confessions, was a massive hit in the summer of 2004. The song's catchy beat and Usher's smooth vocals made it a favorite among music lovers.

About the Song

"Burn" was written by Jermaine Dupri, James Brown, and Usher Raymond, and produced by Jermaine Dupri. The song's lyrics describe the pain and struggle of moving on from a past relationship. The song's chorus, with its repetitive "burn" hook, became a memorable and catchy phrase of the summer.

Chart Performance

"Burn" was a chart-topper, staying at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven consecutive weeks. It also reached #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and #2 on the Pop Songs chart.


"Burn" is often cited as one of the biggest hits of the 2000s and a classic of the R&B genre. The song's success helped establish Usher as a leading artist of the decade, and it remains a fan favorite to this day.

So, there you have it! "Burn" by Usher was the #1 song on June 12, 2004. Do you remember jamming to this song back in the day?

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