#1 Song May 18 1988

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#1 Song May 18 1988

May 18, 1988: The #1 Song of the Day

Anything for You by Janet Jackson

On May 18, 1988, the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart was "Anything" by Janet Jackson. This upbeat track was from her fourth studio album, Control, which marked a significant turning point in Janet's career.

The Song

"Anything" is an energetic dance-pop song with a catchy melody and memorable lyrics. The song's message is about Janet's willingness to do anything for the one she loves. The song features a distinctive mixture of funk, soul, and rock elements, showcasing Janet's versatility as an artist.

The Album

Control was Janet's breakthrough album, released in February 1986. The album spawned a staggering seven top-five singles, including "What Have You Done for Me Lately", "The Pleasure Principle", and "Miss You Much". Control earned Janet four American Music Awards, three Grammy nominations, and sold over 10 million copies in the United States alone.


"Anything" is often cited as one of Janet's most underrated songs. Despite its short chart run, the song has remained a fan favorite and a testament to Janet's innovative style and songwriting. Control is widely regarded as one of the best albums of the 1980s, and its influence can be heard in many subsequent R&B and pop artists.


  • "Anything" was the fourth single from Control, following "What Have You Done for Me Lately", "The Pleasure Principle", and "Miss You Much".
  • Janet co-wrote "Anything" with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, her long-time collaborators.
  • Control was the best-selling album of 1987, with over 5 million copies sold in the United States alone.

On May 18, 1988, "Anything" reached the top of the charts, solidifying Janet Jackson's position as the Queen of Pop.

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