#1 Song May 21 1998

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#1 Song May 21 1998

May 21, 1998: The Hottest Song of the Week

As we take a trip down memory lane, we find ourselves in the midst of a hot summer in May 1998. The music scene was buzzing with fresh talents and catchy tunes that dominated the airwaves. But among them all, one song stood out as the undisputed champion of the week: "Too Close" by Next.

The Rise of Next

Next, an American R&B group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was formed in 1992. The trio comprised of R.L. Huggar, Terry Ellis, and Raphael Brown. Their harmonious blend of soulful voices and catchy melodies earned them a record deal with Arista Records in 1997.

The Chart-Topping Hit

"Too Close" was released in 1997 as part of Next's debut album, Rated Next. The song's provocative lyrics and infectious beat made it an instant hit, and by May 21, 1998, it reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song's success can be attributed to its memorable hook, catchy chorus, and the group's smooth harmonies.

The Music Video

The music video for "Too Close" was directed by Malik Sayeed and features the trio performing the song in a dark, dimly-lit room surrounded by candles and dancing women. The video's sultry atmosphere and the group's smooth moves added to the song's appeal, making it a staple on MTV and other music channels.

Legacy of "Too Close"

"Too Close" was a game-changer for Next, propelling them to stardom and earning them a platinum certification from the RIAA. The song's success paved the way for future R&B acts and solidified Next's place in the music industry. Even today, "Too Close" remains a classic of the late 1990s R&B era, still getting regular airplay and inspiring new generations of music lovers.

As we look back on May 21, 1998, we remember the song that dominated the airwaves and captured the hearts of millions: "Too Close" by Next, the undisputed #1 song of the week.

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