#1 Song On August 5 2005

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#1 Song On August 5 2005

The #1 Song on August 5, 2005: "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey


Do you remember the summer of 2005? It was a hot one, and the music was even hotter! On August 5, 2005, one song was dominating the airwaves and topping the charts. That song was "We Belong Together" by the one and only Mariah Carey.

The Song

"We Belong Together" was a single from Mariah Carey's tenth studio album, The Emancipation of Mimi. The song was written and produced by Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, and Manuel Seal, and it was a game-changer for the singer. After a few years of struggling to find her footing, "We Belong Together" marked a major comeback for Mariah Carey, earning her widespread critical acclaim and commercial success.

The Chart-Topping Success

On August 5, 2005, "We Belong Together" was the #1 song on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, a position it held for 14 consecutive weeks. The song's success was unprecedented, breaking multiple records and earning Mariah Carey a Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 2006.


"We Belong Together" is widely regarded as one of the greatest songs of the 2000s, and its impact on popular music cannot be overstated. The song's influence can be heard in many subsequent hits, and it remains a fan favorite to this day.

In conclusion, August 5, 2005, will always be remembered as the day "We Belong Together" ruled the airwaves, cementing its place in music history.

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