#1 Song On February 2 2010

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#1 Song On February 2 2010

#1 Song on February 2, 2010

On February 2, 2010, the music charts were topped by a song that would go on to become a massive hit. According to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the #1 song on February 2, 2010 was...

"Tik Tok" by Ke$ha

The Song That Started It All

"Tik Tok" was the debut single of American singer-songwriter Ke$ha, from her debut album "Animal". The song was written by Ke$ha, Dr. Luke, and Benny Blanco, and produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco.

Chart Performance

"Tik Tok" was a massive commercial success, reaching the top of the charts in many countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. In the US, it spent nine weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the longest-running number-one single of 2010.

The Song's Impact

"Tik Tok" was more than just a hit single - it launched Ke$ha's career and introduced her unique style and sound to the world. The song's catchy melody, combined with Ke$ha's distinctive vocal style and lyrics, made it an instant classic.

Fun Facts

  • "Tik Tok" was certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).
  • The song was originally written for Britney Spears, but Ke$ha convinced Dr. Luke to let her record it instead.
  • The song's music video, which features Ke$ha waking up in a bathtub and partying with her friends, has over 140 million views on YouTube.

"Tik Tok" will always be remembered as a iconic song of the 2010s, and its success paved the way for Ke$ha's future hits like "We R Who We R" and "Die Young".

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