#1 Song On June 16 2005

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#1 Song On June 16 2005

The #1 Song on June 16, 2005

On June 16, 2005, the music world was buzzing with the hottest hits of the summer. And one song stood out from the rest, claiming the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani

The #1 song on June 16, 2005, was none other than "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. This catchy tune was a massive hit, and its catchy "This sh*t is bananas" hook became an instant classic.

The Song's Background

"Hollaback Girl" was released in 2005 as the third single from Gwen Stefani's debut solo album, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby.". The song was written by Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo, and was produced by The Neptunes.

The Song's Success

"Hollaback Girl" was a huge commercial success, peaking at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for five consecutive weeks. It also reached number one on the US Billboard Pop 100 chart and number two on the US Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song was certified platinum by the RIAA and was nominated for Record of the Year at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards.

The Song's Impact

"Hollaback Girl" was more than just a hit song; it was a cultural phenomenon. The song's catchy hook and memorable music video, featuring Gwen Stefani and her "Harajuku Girls" crew, made it a staple of the summer of 2005. The song's impact can still be felt today, with "Hollaback Girl" being named one of the greatest songs of the 2000s by various music publications.

In conclusion, on June 16, 2005, "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani was the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and its impact can still be felt today.

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