#1 Song On September 30 2007

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#1 Song On September 30 2007

The #1 Song on September 30, 2007

The Music Scene in 2007

2007 was a memorable year for music, with the rise of pop and rock dominating the airwaves. The year saw the emergence of new talents, as well as the continued success of established artists. One of the most popular songs of the year was "Stronger" by Kanye West.

The #1 Song: "Stronger" by Kanye West

On September 30, 2007, "Stronger" by Kanye West was the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This song, featuring Daft Punk, was a massive hit, peaking at number one on the chart for five weeks. "Stronger" was part of Kanye West's third studio album, "Graduation", which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling over 957,000 copies in its first week.

The Inspiration Behind "Stronger"

"Stronger" was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of the "√úbermensch" (or "Superman"), which emphasizes the idea of overcoming adversity and pushing oneself to be better. The song's message of perseverance and self-empowerment resonated with listeners worldwide.

The Impact of "Stronger"

"Stronger" not only topped the charts but also became a cultural phenomenon. The song's catchy hook and memorable music video, which featured a futuristic, robotic Kanye West, made it a staple of the late 2000s. The song's success paved the way for Kanye West's future projects and cemented his status as a musical genius.


On September 30, 2007, "Stronger" by Kanye West was the #1 song in the United States. This iconic song not only represents Kanye West's innovative style but also captures the essence of perseverance and self-empowerment. Its impact on popular culture is still felt today, making "Stronger" a timeless classic.

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