Alberto Mebarak Spath

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Alberto Mebarak Spath

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Alberto Mebarak Spat: The Man Behind the Legend

Alberto Mebarak Spat is a Syrian-born Lebanese-Colombian who is best known as the father of the renowned Colombian singer, Shakira. While he prefers to maintain a low profile, he has played a significant role in Shakira's life and career.

Early Life and Family

Alberto Mebarak Spat was born in Lebanon and later moved to Colombia with his family. He is a doctor by profession, specializing in jewelry and astrology, and has a strong interest in literature. He met Nidia Ripoll Torrado in 1968, and they married in 1969. Together, they have eight children, Shakira being the youngest.

Influence on Shakira's Career

While not directly involved in the music industry, Alberto Mebarak has been a source of inspiration and support for Shakira throughout her career. He has been credited with encouraging her artistic pursuits from a young age and has always been a strong presence in her life.

Shakira has often expressed gratitude for her father's unwavering support and the values he instilled in her. He taught her the importance of hard work, determination, and staying true to one's roots.

Personal Life

Despite his fame as Shakira's father, Alberto Mebarak Spat prefers to live a private life. He is known for his generosity and kindness, and he is deeply involved in his community. He is a devout Catholic and has a strong faith.


Alberto Mebarak Spat is a pillar of support and a source of inspiration for Shakira. While he may not be a household name himself, his influence on his daughter's life and career is undeniable. He has been instrumental in shaping Shakira's values and nurturing her talents, making him a crucial figure in her journey to becoming a global icon.