Antonia Gentry Movies And Tv Shows

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
Antonia Gentry Movies And Tv Shows

Antonia Gentry: A Rising Star in Film and Television

Antonia Gentry is an American actress known for her powerful performances in both film and television. She has quickly established herself as a rising star in Hollywood, captivating audiences with her talent and versatility.

Here is a look at some of her notable works:


  • "Ginny & Georgia" (2021-present): This Netflix series catapulted Gentry to fame, showcasing her talent as Ginny Miller, the titular character navigating adolescence and a complicated family dynamic. Her performance earned critical acclaim and a nomination for a MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Performance in a Show.

  • "The Lying Game" (2013-2014): This ABC Family series marked one of Gentry's early acting roles, playing the character of Emma. While it was a smaller role, it provided valuable experience for her burgeoning career.


  • "The Perfection" (2019): This Netflix thriller featured Gentry as a talented cellist entangled in a disturbing and suspenseful story. Her performance showcased her ability to portray complex and nuanced characters.

  • "Candy Jar" (2018): This coming-of-age romantic comedy starred Gentry as Lanie, a high school student facing life's challenges with humor and resilience. It provided her with an opportunity to showcase her comedic timing.

Upcoming Projects

Gentry is set to star in the upcoming film "The Untamed", based on the popular web novel of the same name. She will also be reprising her role in the highly anticipated second season of "Ginny & Georgia".

Antonia Gentry's Impact

Antonia Gentry's dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with audiences have made her a significant figure in entertainment. She has proven her ability to take on diverse roles, portraying characters with depth and authenticity.

As her career continues to blossom, she is sure to leave a lasting impact on the film and television industry, captivating audiences with her talent and compelling stories.