Brian Thalman Brooke Hyland

4 min read Jul 11, 2024
Brian Thalman Brooke Hyland

Brian Thalman and Brooke Hyland: A Look at Their Relationship

Brian Thalman and Brooke Hyland are a popular couple known for their appearances on reality TV shows like "Dance Moms" and "Dance Moms: Moms' Night Out." While they've been together for years, their relationship has faced its share of scrutiny and public interest.

Their Background

Brian Thalman, who's several years older than Brooke, was a dancer in the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company, known for his skill and experience. He also became a trusted member of the "Dance Moms" family.

Brooke Hyland is the daughter of Kelly Hyland, a well-known personality on "Dance Moms." She rose to fame as a gifted dancer on the show and later explored other opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Their Relationship Timeline

Their relationship started as a friendship that blossomed into something romantic. They faced public scrutiny and skepticism due to their age gap and the intensity of the "Dance Moms" environment.

Key moments in their relationship:

  • Early days: They kept their relationship private initially, navigating the complex dynamics of the "Dance Moms" world.
  • Public confirmation: They eventually confirmed their relationship to the public, facing both support and criticism.
  • Challenges and controversies: Their relationship has faced challenges, including public scrutiny, the pressures of their careers, and the "Dance Moms" environment.
  • Continued commitment: Despite the hurdles, they've remained together, showcasing their resilience and dedication to each other.

Beyond "Dance Moms"

Both Brian and Brooke have moved on from "Dance Moms," pursuing different avenues in their careers. Brian has continued his dancing career, while Brooke has explored other opportunities, including acting and modeling.

They've also been active on social media, providing glimpses into their life together and engaging with their fans.


Brian Thalman and Brooke Hyland's relationship has been a topic of interest for many "Dance Moms" fans. While it has faced challenges and scrutiny, their commitment to each other has endured. Their story is a testament to the resilience of love in the face of public pressure and a reminder that relationships can thrive even in challenging environments.