Dell Curry Real Name

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
Dell Curry Real Name

The Real Name of the NBA Legend: Dell Curry

Dell Curry, the father of NBA superstars Stephen and Seth Curry, is a well-known name in basketball circles. While his name is synonymous with the game, many might be surprised to learn that Dell Curry's real name is actually "Wardell Stephen Curry."

A Legacy of Basketball

Dell Curry, born in 1964, is a former NBA player who spent 16 seasons in the league. He is best known for his time with the Charlotte Hornets, where he was a sharpshooter and a fan favorite. His legacy goes beyond his own successful career, as he is the father of two NBA superstars, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry.

From Wardell to Dell

While his full name is "Wardell Stephen Curry," Dell Curry adopted the shortened name "Dell" during his NBA career. This nickname is a combination of his first and middle names, and it is how he is known by most fans and commentators.

A Family of Basketball Stars

Dell Curry's basketball legacy continues through his sons. Stephen Curry, arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history, has won four NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors. Seth Curry, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets, is also a talented shooter with a successful career of his own.

The Curry family is a testament to the power of family and the influence of basketball. While Dell Curry is known as "Dell" to the world, his full name, "Wardell Stephen Curry," reflects the strong family bond and the legacy of basketball that continues through his sons.