Has Ali Wentworth Been Married Before

2 min read Jul 08, 2024
Has Ali Wentworth Been Married Before

Has Ali Wentworth Been Married Before?

Ali Wentworth, the funny actress and writer, is known for her witty humor and charming personality. While she's been married to George Stephanopoulos, a prominent political commentator and journalist, for over two decades, there's a common question surrounding her past: Has Ali Wentworth been married before?

The answer is no. Ali Wentworth has never been married before her marriage to George Stephanopoulos. They tied the knot in 2001 and have been together ever since, building a strong and loving family.

Their relationship has been the subject of much public attention, especially their comedic dynamic. Ali Wentworth is often seen poking fun at her husband's political career and their daily life together. This playful banter has made them a beloved couple in the entertainment world.

It's worth noting that before marrying George, Ali had a long-term relationship with actor Victor Garber. While their relationship was serious and lasted for many years, they never tied the knot.

So, while Ali Wentworth has been in significant relationships before her marriage to George Stephanopoulos, she has never been married to anyone else. Her relationship with George is her first and only marriage, a testament to their enduring love and commitment.