How Long Has Smokey Robinson Been Married

less than a minute read Jul 08, 2024
How Long Has Smokey Robinson Been Married

How Long Has Smokey Robinson Been Married?

Smokey Robinson, the legendary singer, songwriter, and record executive, has been married twice.

First Marriage:

He was first married to Claudette Rogers in 1959. The couple had four children together: Berry, Tamla, Aquilla, and Taree. After 36 years of marriage, they divorced in 1995.

Second Marriage:

In 1996, Smokey married Frances Gladney. They have been together ever since.

Smokey Robinson has been married to Frances Gladney for 27 years as of 2023.


Smokey Robinson's love life has been a part of his public image for decades. He has been married twice, with his current marriage lasting for over two decades. His long-lasting second marriage is a testament to his dedication to his partner.