Is Elizabeth Olsen Married

3 min read Jul 10, 2024
Is Elizabeth Olsen Married

Is Elizabeth Olsen Married?

Elizabeth Olsen, known for her role as Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been romantically linked to several individuals throughout her career. However, she is currently married to Robbie Arnett, the frontman of the indie rock band Milo Greene.

Her Relationship with Robbie Arnett

Elizabeth and Robbie first sparked dating rumors in March 2017. They were seen together in several public outings, and in July of the same year, they were spotted wearing matching rings, fueling speculation about their engagement.

The couple kept their relationship relatively private, but in September 2019, they officially tied the knot in a private ceremony in a small town in Northern California. They have been married for over three years now and are known for keeping their relationship out of the public eye.

Previous Relationships

Before her marriage to Robbie Arnett, Elizabeth Olsen was previously linked to several other high-profile individuals, including:

  • Boyd Holbrook: The pair met on the set of the film "Very Good Girls" and dated for a brief period.
  • Tom Hiddleston: Rumors circulated about a relationship between Elizabeth and her co-star Tom Hiddleston after they worked together on the film "I Saw the Light." However, they never confirmed the relationship.
  • Chris Evans: Speculation arose about a possible romantic connection between Elizabeth and her co-star Chris Evans after they worked on "Captain America: Civil War" together.

Although their relationships with these individuals fueled media attention, Elizabeth Olsen has consistently prioritized her privacy and has not publicly discussed her past relationships in detail.


Elizabeth Olsen is happily married to Robbie Arnett. They keep their relationship private, but occasional glimpses into their life together are shared on social media or through glimpses during red carpet events.