Карстен Юганссон

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Карстен Юганссон

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Carsten Juul: A Life Dedicated to Game Design

Carsten Juul is a Danish game designer, game researcher, and writer known for his significant contributions to the field of game studies. He is recognized for his insightful analysis of video games and his exploration of their cultural impact.

Early Life and Career

Born in Denmark, Juul's interest in games began at a young age. He started his career as a programmer before transitioning to game design. He became particularly interested in the design philosophy of Sid Meier, a renowned game designer.

Key Contributions to Game Studies

Juul's work has significantly shaped the field of game studies. He is renowned for his book, "Half-Real: Video Games Between Real and Imaginary," published in 2005. This influential text explores the nature of video games and their complex relationship with reality.

He is known for proposing the "Rules of Play" concept, which suggests that games are defined by their specific rules and systems. Juul's work highlights the importance of understanding these rules in order to analyze and appreciate the design of video games.

Notable Works

Besides "Half-Real," Juul has authored numerous other important works, including:

  • "The Art of Games" (2010)
  • "The Playful World: A Study of Video Games" (2013)
  • "The Video Game Theory Reader" (co-edited with Jesper Juul, 2014)

These works explore various aspects of game design, development, and their impact on culture.

Recognition and Impact

Juul's work has been widely recognized and praised within the academic community. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to game studies. His theories and insights have influenced countless game designers, researchers, and critics.


Carsten Juul's legacy continues to inspire future generations of game designers and researchers. His work provides a valuable framework for understanding the complexity and cultural significance of video games. He remains a respected authority in the field, and his writings continue to be essential reading for anyone interested in the world of games.