Liz Shanahan Age

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
Liz Shanahan Age

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Liz Shanahan's Age: A Mystery Surrounding the CEO of the Boston Red Sox

Liz Shanahan is the current CEO of the Boston Red Sox, a position she assumed in January 2023. Since taking over, she has been a prominent figure in the baseball world, leading the Red Sox through a tumultuous period.

However, despite her high profile, Liz Shanahan's age remains a mystery. There's little publicly available information about her birthdate or age. This lack of information is quite unusual for someone in her position, particularly in an era where information about individuals is easily accessible.

Why is Liz Shanahan's Age Unknown?

There are a few possible reasons why her age is kept private:

  • Privacy: It's possible that Shanahan simply prefers to keep her personal life private, and age is a part of that.
  • Focus on Professionalism: Shanahan's focus might be solely on her professional achievements and responsibilities, with age being a non-essential detail.
  • Strategic Decision: The Red Sox organization may have decided to avoid public disclosure of Shanahan's age, perhaps to avoid any potential biases or judgements based on her age.

The Importance of Age in Leadership

While age is a personal detail, it's worth noting the ongoing discussion about ageism in leadership positions. In many fields, especially business, there's a tendency to favor younger individuals. This can be a challenge for older executives, and it might be a contributing factor to why some individuals prefer to keep their age private.


Liz Shanahan's age remains a mystery, adding a layer of intrigue to her already interesting story. While it's a matter of personal preference, the lack of publicly available information about her age sparks curiosity and underscores the broader conversation around ageism in leadership positions.