Myrna Forney

3 min read Jul 09, 2024
Myrna Forney

Myrna Forney: A Leading Figure in the World of Quilting

Myrna Forney is a well-known and respected figure in the world of quilting. She is an award-winning quilter, author, teacher, and lecturer, known for her stunning applique quilts, detailed instructions, and her passion for sharing her knowledge with others.

A Passion for Quilting

Forney's passion for quilting began in her childhood, watching her grandmother and mother create beautiful quilts. This early influence ignited a lifelong love for the craft. She started quilting at the young age of 14, honing her skills through years of practice and experimentation.

Achievements and Recognition

Over the years, Forney has achieved remarkable success in the quilting world. She has won numerous awards at prestigious quilt exhibitions, including the American Quilter's Society's (AQS) prestigious "Best of Show" award.

Her quilts have been featured in leading quilting publications and museums. She has also authored several best-selling books on quilting, including "Myrna Forney's Applique: A Complete Guide" which is considered a must-have resource for quilters of all levels.

Sharing the Art of Quilting

Myrna Forney is not only a talented quilter but also a dedicated teacher. She has spent decades teaching quilting workshops and lecturing at events across the country. Her classes are renowned for their in-depth instruction, clear explanations, and inspiring atmosphere.

Legacy and Inspiration

Myrna Forney's legacy extends beyond her impressive achievements. She is a role model and inspiration for countless quilters, inspiring them to explore their creativity, push their boundaries, and share their passion for the art of quilting.

Forney's work is a testament to the power of tradition and innovation in quilting. Her quilts are not just beautiful works of art, but also a reflection of her love for the craft and her commitment to passing on her knowledge to future generations of quilters.