Nicholas Hoult Married

3 min read Jul 08, 2024
Nicholas Hoult Married

Nicholas Hoult: A Look at His Relationship History and Current Marital Status

Nicholas Hoult, known for his roles in films like "X-Men: First Class," "Mad Max: Fury Road," and "The Favourite," has had a fascinating dating history. While he has been linked to various high-profile figures, he is currently not married.

Here's a look at his most notable relationships:

Jennifer Lawrence

Nicholas and Jennifer Lawrence met on the set of "X-Men: First Class" in 2010. They began dating shortly after and became one of Hollywood's most beloved couples. They were together for three years, but broke up in 2014. They remain close friends, often expressing admiration for each other publicly.

Bryana Holly

Following his relationship with Lawrence, Hoult began dating model Bryana Holly in 2017. The two welcomed their first child, a son named Cy, in 2018. However, the couple separated in 2018.

Current Relationship Status

As of 2023, Nicholas Hoult is not married and is reportedly single.

A Low-Key Approach to Dating

Nicholas Hoult is known for keeping his personal life private. He rarely discusses his relationships in interviews and prefers to focus on his career. He maintains a strong sense of discretion, respecting the privacy of both himself and his partners.

Focusing on Family and Career

While there have been rumors of new romances, Nicholas Hoult seems to be prioritizing his family and career at this time. He is currently working on several upcoming projects, including "The Menu" and "Renfield."

It remains to be seen if and when Nicholas Hoult will tie the knot, but one thing is certain: he will continue to be a prominent figure in Hollywood, captivating audiences with his talent and enigmatic personality.