Nilda Cora

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Nilda Cora

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Nilda Cora: A Visionary Leader in Public Service

Nilda Cora is a prominent figure in public service, known for her dedication to improving the lives of her community. She has served as the Mayor of the City of Maywood, Illinois since 2013, making history as the first woman and the first Latina mayor of the city.

Early Life and Education

Nilda Cora was born and raised in Maywood, Illinois. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she earned a bachelor's degree in Public Administration and a master's degree in Urban Planning and Policy.

Public Service Journey

Cora's journey in public service began with her commitment to her community. She served as a member of the Maywood Village Board for several years before becoming the first woman to hold the position of Village Clerk. Her dedication to improving the quality of life in Maywood became evident in her initiatives to address community concerns, promote economic development, and strengthen public safety.

Mayor of Maywood

As Mayor, Cora has spearheaded a number of transformative initiatives in Maywood. Under her leadership, the city has seen significant improvements in infrastructure, economic development, and public safety. She has also been a champion for social justice and equality, working to empower residents and provide equitable access to resources and opportunities.

Accomplishments and Recognition

Cora's leadership and dedication have been recognized by various organizations and institutions. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Distinguished Service Award from the Illinois Municipal League.

Legacy of Service

Nilda Cora's legacy is one of inspiring leadership, unwavering commitment to community, and unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. Her remarkable journey has not only served as a role model for aspiring leaders but has also been a testament to the power of community involvement and persistent advocacy for positive change.

Beyond her accomplishments, Cora's story resonates with the spirit of resilience and hope that defines the human spirit. Her unwavering belief in the potential of her community and her determination to build a better future for all have left an enduring impact on Maywood and beyond.