Timothy Busfield

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Timothy Busfield

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Timothy Busfield: A Versatile Actor with a Long Career

Timothy Busfield is an American actor known for his roles in film, television, and theatre. He is best known for his portrayal of Kevin Arnold on the critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama "The Wonder Years" and for his recurring role as Daniel Desiato on the critically acclaimed legal drama "The Good Wife."

Early Life and Career

Timothy Busfield was born in Flint, Michigan in 1957. He began his acting career in the early 1980s, with small roles in films such as "The Breakfast Club" and "Revenge of the Nerds." He also appeared in several television series, including "Hill Street Blues" and "thirtysomething."

The Wonder Years

Busfield's breakthrough role came in 1988 when he was cast as Kevin Arnold in the television series "The Wonder Years." The show followed the life of a young boy growing up in the 1960s and 1970s. Busfield's performance as Kevin, a sensitive and intelligent teenager, resonated with audiences and critics alike. The show was a critical and commercial success, winning numerous awards, including three Primetime Emmy Awards.

Later Career

Following "The Wonder Years," Busfield continued to work steadily in film and television. He appeared in films such as "Field of Dreams" and "Apollo 13." He also had recurring roles on television series such as "The West Wing" and "The Good Wife."

In recent years, Busfield has continued to work in film and television. He has appeared in several independent films and television series. He also had a recurring role on the television series "This Is Us."

Awards and Recognition

Timothy Busfield has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including:

  • Three Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on "The Wonder Years"
  • A Golden Globe Award for his work on "The Wonder Years"
  • A Screen Actors Guild Award for his work on "The West Wing"

Personal Life

Timothy Busfield is married to actress Melissa Sue Anderson, known for her role as Mary Ingalls in "Little House on the Prairie." They have two children together.


Timothy Busfield is a versatile and accomplished actor with a long and distinguished career. He is known for his ability to portray a wide range of characters with nuance and authenticity. He has been a consistent presence in film and television for over three decades, and he continues to work steadily in the industry.