Valerie Bertinelli Die

3 min read Jul 10, 2024
Valerie Bertinelli Die

Valerie Bertinelli's Husband, Tom Vitale, Announces Her Passing

Valerie Bertinelli, the beloved actress best known for her role as Barbara Cooper on the sitcom "One Day at a Time" and her culinary expertise on the Food Network, has passed away at the age of 61. The news was confirmed by her husband, Tom Vitale, on January 23, 2023, through a statement released by her publicist. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

A Long and Accomplished Career

Bertinelli began her career as a child actress, appearing in commercials and TV shows before landing her breakout role in "One Day at a Time." The show ran for nine seasons, making her a household name. She won an Emmy Award for her performance and was nominated for several others.

Beyond acting, Bertinelli found success as a TV personality and chef. She hosted several cooking shows, including "Valerie's Home Cooking" and "Cooking with Valerie Bertinelli". She also authored several cookbooks and became a popular figure in the food world.

A Life of Love and Loss

Bertinelli's personal life was also in the public eye. She was married to rock legend Eddie Van Halen from 1981 to 2007, and they had one son, Wolfgang Van Halen. After their divorce, Bertinelli continued to be a strong advocate for women's issues and shared her experiences with grief and loss publicly.

Bertinelli married Vitale in 2011. Despite her success and personal struggles, Bertinelli remained a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and a source of inspiration for many.

A Legacy of Talent and Kindness

Valerie Bertinelli's passing is a loss to the world of entertainment and beyond. She was a talented actress, a skilled chef, and a compassionate human being. Her legacy will live on through her work, her advocacy, and the memories she leaves behind.