Was Helmut Huber Married Before Susan Lucci

less than a minute read Jul 09, 2024
Was Helmut Huber Married Before Susan Lucci

Did Helmut Huber Marry Before Susan Lucci?

Helmut Huber, the late husband of actress Susan Lucci, was not married before his relationship with Susan.

The couple met in 1969 and married in 1969. They were together for 53 years until Helmut's passing in 2022.

There are no records or reports of Helmut being married to anyone before Susan. He was known for his quiet and private nature, and they had a strong and loving marriage.

Susan Lucci's Previous Relationships

Susan Lucci had a previous relationship with David Hasselhoff, the actor known for his role in "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider". They were engaged in 1971, but the relationship ultimately did not lead to marriage.

However, it's important to note that this was before Susan met Helmut Huber.