Was Mimi And Stevie J Married

4 min read Jul 09, 2024
Was Mimi And Stevie J Married

Were Mimi and Stevie J Married?

The relationship between Mimi Faust and Stevie J was one of the most tumultuous and talked about on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Their relationship was filled with drama, infidelity, and many ups and downs. While they were together for a long time and even shared a daughter, Eva Giselle, they never actually got married.

The Timeline of Their Relationship

Mimi and Stevie J first met in 2009, and they quickly became a couple. Their relationship was documented on the show, and it was clear they were deeply in love. However, their relationship was also marked by infidelity, as Stevie J was known to cheat on Mimi.

In 2010, Mimi and Stevie J had their daughter, Eva Giselle. Although they were not married, they were committed to raising their daughter together.

Despite the drama and infidelity, Mimi and Stevie J seemed to be going strong throughout the early seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. However, the relationship began to unravel in Season 4, with Stevie J's infidelity coming to light.

In 2014, Mimi and Stevie J finally called it quits. Their breakup was messy and played out on the show, with both parties accusing each other of cheating and betrayal.

In 2015, Stevie J married Faith Evans. This was a major blow to Mimi, and the breakup of their relationship was very public.

The Aftermath

Mimi and Stevie J have continued to have a difficult relationship even after their breakup. They have often been seen arguing and fighting on the show, and they have frequently been in the news for their contentious relationship.

Despite their troubled history, Mimi and Stevie J have shown a willingness to co-parent their daughter Eva. They have often been seen together at family events, and they have publicly stated that they are committed to raising their daughter in a loving and supportive environment.

Mimi and Stevie J's relationship was a rollercoaster ride of love, drama, and infidelity. They never made it to the altar, but their relationship will likely be talked about for years to come.