Was Whoopi Goldberg Ever Married

3 min read Jul 09, 2024
Was Whoopi Goldberg Ever Married

Whoopi Goldberg's Marriages: A Look at Her Romantic History

Whoopi Goldberg, the renowned actress, comedian, and talk show host, has a rich and complex romantic history. While her public persona is known for her strong and outspoken nature, her personal life has been marked by several marriages and relationships.

Whoopi Goldberg's Marriages:

  • Alvin Martin (1973-1979): Goldberg's first marriage was to Alvin Martin, a former drug addict she met at a rehabilitation center. This marriage, however, did not last long and ended in 1979.
  • David Claessen (1986-1988): Goldberg's second marriage was to Dutch cinematographer David Claessen, whom she married in 1986. This union also proved short-lived, ending in divorce just two years later.
  • Lyle Trachtenberg (1994-1995): In 1994, Goldberg married Lyle Trachtenberg, a former executive producer for the television show "The View." This marriage also ended in divorce, after a tumultuous year together.
  • Alwyn Hughes (1998-2001): Goldberg's fourth and final marriage was to Alwyn Hughes, a former actor she met on the set of the film "Ghosts of Mississippi." This relationship lasted for three years and ended in divorce.

Whoopi Goldberg's Other Relationships:

Beyond her marriages, Whoopi Goldberg has been involved in other significant relationships. She was in a long-term relationship with Frank Langella in the 1980s, and Ted Danson in the 1990s.

In conclusion, Whoopi Goldberg has been married four times, but none of her marriages lasted beyond a few years. Despite the challenges she faced in her personal life, Goldberg remains a strong and resilient figure, both on and off the screen. Her ability to overcome personal hardship and continue her successful career serves as an inspiration to many.