What Happened To Rod Stewart's First Child?

2 min read Jul 08, 2024
What Happened To Rod Stewart's First Child?

What Happened to Rod Stewart's First Child?

Rod Stewart, the legendary rock star, has a large and well-known family. His eldest child, Sarah Streeter, was born in 1963 from his relationship with Susannah Boffey. However, Sarah, unfortunately, passed away in 2014 at the age of 51 due to breast cancer.

Rod Stewart's Relationship with Sarah

Despite not being raised by him, Rod Stewart had a close relationship with Sarah. He often spoke about her in interviews and shared his love for her.

Sarah's Life

Sarah lived a private life away from the spotlight. She worked as a fashion designer and had her own clothing line. She was a mother of two children and lived in Los Angeles.

Rod Stewart's Tribute to Sarah

After her death, Rod Stewart was devastated and publicly expressed his grief. He shared his heartbreak with the public and referred to Sarah as his "beautiful daughter".

Sarah's Legacy

While Sarah's life was tragically cut short, she left behind a legacy of love and creativity. Her family continues to honor her memory and her work in the fashion world.

It is important to remember and respect the privacy of Rod Stewart and his family during this difficult time.