When Did Steve Harvey Marry Marjorie

3 min read Jul 08, 2024
When Did Steve Harvey Marry Marjorie

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges: A Love Story

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges have been married since 2007. Their love story is one that has captivated the public, showcasing a blend of love, resilience, and second chances.

A Journey of Love and Resilience

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges were actually high school sweethearts! They met in Cleveland in the 1980s and dated for a while. They went their separate ways, with both going on to marry other people.

After years of individual journeys, Steve and Marjorie reconnected in 2005. They began dating again and quickly fell in love.

Their relationship faced challenges, as Steve was still going through his divorce and Marjorie was still married. However, they persevered and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on June 25, 2007, in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

A Blended Family

Together, Steve and Marjorie created a loving blended family. Marjorie brought three children into the relationship, and Steve had four children from previous marriages. They've navigated the complexities of a blended family with grace and have become a strong, loving family unit.

A Lasting Love

Since their wedding, Steve and Marjorie have built a strong foundation of love and mutual respect. They are known for their strong partnership and have become role models for couples navigating marriage and family life. They often share their love story and offer advice on maintaining a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Steve and Marjorie's love story is a testament to the power of second chances, the importance of family, and the enduring strength of true love. Their journey together has been a testament to their unwavering commitment to each other and their family.