Who Did Teddy Riley Marry?

less than a minute read Jul 09, 2024
Who Did Teddy Riley Marry?

Who Did Teddy Riley Marry?

Teddy Riley is a well-known music producer and singer who has been married twice.

First Marriage:

Teddy Riley married Debrah Lee in 1988. The couple had three children together: T.J., T'Keyah, and Teddy Riley Jr.

Second Marriage:

After divorcing Debrah Lee, Riley married Liz Watson in 2006. This marriage lasted for several years before they eventually divorced.

Other Relationships:

Riley is also known to have dated Terri J. Vaughn for a period.

It's important to remember that while Riley's personal life has been the subject of some public scrutiny, it's vital to respect his privacy and that of his family members. He remains a respected figure in the music industry, and his talent and contributions to music continue to be celebrated.