Who Is Demond Wilson Wife?

2 min read Jul 09, 2024
Who Is Demond Wilson Wife?

Who is Demond Wilson's Wife?

Demond Wilson, best known for his role as "Dee" in the iconic TV show "Sanford and Son", has been married twice.

First Marriage: Carmen Berkeley

His first marriage was to Carmen Berkeley, with whom he had two children: Demond Jr. and Grace. However, this marriage ended in divorce. Details about the specific date or reasons for their separation remain private.

Second Marriage: Janet DuBois

In 1984, Wilson married Janet DuBois, a talented singer and songwriter. This marriage, unfortunately, also ended in divorce in 2006. Details surrounding the separation and the duration of their marriage remain undisclosed.

Post-Divorce Life

Following his second divorce, Demond Wilson has chosen to maintain a private life, keeping his personal relationships and dating history out of the public eye.

A Note on Privacy:

It's important to respect individuals' privacy, especially when it comes to personal matters like relationships. While celebrities are often subject to public scrutiny, they also deserve respect for their private lives.