Who Is Michelle Visage's Husband

3 min read Jul 10, 2024
Who Is Michelle Visage's Husband

Who is Michelle Visage's Husband?

Michelle Visage, the iconic judge on RuPaul's Drag Race, has been married to David Visage since 2003. David is a British television producer and director, known for his work on shows like "The Big Breakfast" and "The Word."

A Long and Happy Relationship

The couple met in 1997, and their relationship blossomed quickly. They have two children together: daughter Lili and son Finnian. Michelle has spoken openly about how much she loves David and how he's been a rock of support throughout her career.

A Supportive Partner

David has been a constant presence in Michelle's life, both personally and professionally. He's often seen supporting her at red carpet events and other appearances. He's also been a vocal advocate for her work and her career.

A Private Life

While Michelle is a public figure, she and David have managed to keep their personal life relatively private. They are rarely seen together on social media, and they don't often talk about their relationship in interviews. However, it's clear that their bond is strong and that they are deeply in love.

A Successful Partnership

David and Michelle are a power couple, both successful in their own right. They are a testament to the fact that love and success can go hand in hand. Their enduring relationship is a source of inspiration for many, and they are often cited as an example of a happy and healthy marriage.

Overall, David Visage is a supportive partner and loving husband to Michelle. He's been a constant presence in her life, both personally and professionally. He's also a talented television producer and director in his own right. Together, they make a dynamic and successful duo.